When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.


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You may come across a plethora of abstruse situations (lemons) in life and when it comes be ready with your weapons, [The Ps] patience, peace-making ability, power, perseverance, this will help you make lemonade filled with positivity and calmness. The right blend of these 4Ps will make you cogitate and assimilate into any situation you will ever come across.

Sometimes opportunities may come in disguise and in that case, all you need to do is recognize. It may take you on a roller coaster ride but trust me it will be worth it.


This is an important step that you need to take in order to make your life better in any aspect. When you delve deeper into an adverse situation and try to understand the reasons behind them, you will see yourself conciliating your mindset towards any obstacle you face in your life. Whenever you feel stuck somewhere just take a deep breath, think and then react. Trust me, this will make things a lot easier.

To fill the rest chapters of your life with an abundance of positivity, happiness, and love, all you need to do is UNDERSTAND.


Epictetus, the Greek philosopher wrote: “We have two ears and one mouth — for a good reason.”

Listening is an art and mastering it will make you a great leader. I’m definitely not saying that don’t speak up for yourself, do it when you think you are right on your part but remember you need to choose your words wisely. Sometimes we doggedly stay on our opinion or reasons even though we somewhere know we are wrong and here enters our ego and makes us atrocious.

Powerful listeners refuse to get distracted from their own egos and personal opinions and judgments. In How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie quoted a man speaking of Sigmund Freud: “It struck me so forcibly that I shall never forget him. His eyes were mild and genial. His voice was low and kind. His gestures were few. But the attention he gave me, his appreciation of what I said, even when I said it badly, was extraordinary. You’ve no idea what it meant to be listened to like that.”

Building up powerful listening skills will not only make you better but also will make you an inspiration. All the good leaders out there have mastered this Art of Listening.

Think. (Obstacles don’t last forever)

Obstacles are ephemeral but success is everlasting. 

Once you will start to believe on this aphorism, nothing will ever remain the same for you. Your perspective towards everything will change, you will change. You’ll think and then you’ll react. The positivity will pour in and the tree of joy will give you fruits and flowers. I think that’s exactly one wishes for.

So let’s get started!

Now you’re cognizant of what exactly needs to be done when life gives you lemons!! Sweet and pleasant taste should be there on your tongue. Thumbs up!!!!

I’ve started working on it, have you?


Emotions on fire!

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Our emotions play with us or we play with emotions? Can’t really decide. Tough one.

We expect. We love. We hate. We deny. We agree. We live. Now that’s kaleidoscopic, isn’t it? I wish I could help but this is how it is. Emotion is that strong feeling that derives from one’s circumstances, relationships or mood.

Fear, anger, joy, love, sadness, disgust, trust, expectation, envy, and what not! We all are encircled by these strong emotions ain’t we? But the question is how do we decide when to pay heed to a particular emotion and when to let it go? Is there a way out for that?

I believe emotions has the power to rule our thoughts and therefore could instruct our demeanor. Every emotion has a strong reason and strong purpose to serve. In order to serve that purpose, we need to embrace and once you are done, move on! Sometimes there are situations where we need to refrain ourselves from embracing especially when you are encapsulated to that one emotion for prolonged period of time and it no longer serves a purpose. Because after all,

The comeback is always stronger than the setback.


Start with a small change


Last night somebody told me about a girl who clandestinely disappeared leaving her parents and her loved ones behind. Her mother felt devastated. It was awful. Within seconds I started judging her, I even called her callous! Then I took a pause I thought do I even have a clue about what she might be going through? We tend to judge people without even thinking twice just on our terms! Who the hell in the world are we to judge?

I had an epiphany and a quick switch in my judging abilities. It rather became envy. Not just because she left behind her worries and expectations but also how valiantly she fought with her inner conscience to let it all go! To get it all she wants! Trust me, this needs courage and much more. Do we have that in us?

I started to cogitate into this whole situation and found it quite lachrymose not because the girl ran away but because the proximates had a lot in store to say, calling out with all the despicable names. People say things are getting better, but where? Why is it not visible to me? I call it ostentatious because all I see is pestered and atrocious situations and nobody to assuage.

But what can we do about it? I say the youth has the power to do it. To be a catalyst. To help pour in positivity. To look into abstruse and incongruous situations (I’m obviously not going to elaborate them, you know it all, don’t you?) and let the people LIVE on their own terms. This would the most altruistic demeanor one could show to the humanity.

Is it that elusive?

Trust me IT IS NOT!

So are you all in?

Cheers to camaraderie!!




My robustness had shown me the way to lead,

The way to make it all propitious

But lo and behold, I started wondering,

What is it that is keeping me from getting it?

Is it that elusive?

I felt perturbed and agitated,

When my clairvoyance didn’t work

But, at this moment I’ve decided to remain sanguine

To make my fervid intentions reality

And to pacify my Insistent Nerves!!


What is it?


What is that thing that is bothering you?

That treats you anomaly?

Is that the ignorance or the cognizance?

Is it doing it or not doing it?

Is that love or hate?

Love that you love so much or hate that you hate so much?

I then took a scrutinizing pause,

Only to get an answer

“let the things bother me,

let them quiver me,

But above all, I will choose cognizance over ignorance.”

What have you done?


Oh! What have you done?

I am changing

Being a connoisseur of my own demeanor

I’ve begun to behave in the most mysterious ways

“Let me just cogitate”, I said to myself

“I’ve stopped believing in aphorisms,” the voice said

All I want is to remain cognizant.

Being oblivious is what I ‘m afraid of,

But definitely not something I’m ashamed of!

Finally, nobody heard & nobody judged.

Where? Why ? How?


What is happening to me?

Where have I lost my mind?

Will I ever be able to find?

I try to be tough and strong

But that doesn’t last long

I broke, I cried, And,

To everyone, I lied

How long my mind will play?

And my heart will slay?

I shall be fine soon

To see the beautiful white moon

I don’t have reasons

For the way, I behaved

The endless emotions my mind enslaved

Where have I lost my mind?

Will I ever be able to find?


On My Way…


I am coming there, no matter how no matter what!
Because the way you shine
the way you stand high
makes it all fine and divine
You lighten up the city
And so my heart
I am definitely coming there
No matter how, no matter what
It’s been years but I never
Stopped thinking about you
Because at last I know
I am going to find you!
It’s the inevitable feeling that I get
When I think about you
People may call me crazy
But I am coming there
No matter how, no matter what
I will have tears on my eyes
The day I will face you
And it will not be the pain
But the tears of my love
That will flow through my eyes
I know you are always going to stand still
No matter how the time flies..
Just wait..because..
I am coming there,
No matter how, no matter what!
-With a smiling face


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